Five Weeks in Europa

24. Jul 2019

Five Weeks in Europa

For 17 years, Byron Maldonado has faithfully signed up teams from Guatemala in the Dana Cup. This year, the academy has two teams in the tournament. Over the years 33 teams have participated.

‘The first time I heard about Dana Cup was when I visited Dallas Cup in the USA. I sent a fax to the Dana Cup to hear about the possibilities of signing up,’ recalls Byron Maldonado, who received an Honour Award at the traditional VIP-evening Tuesday night.

La Academia is situated in the capital Guatemala City and the academy tries to attract all the biggest football talents in the area and, naturally, a five-week-trip to Europe helps.

‘During the five weeks, we also participate in Gothia Cup in Sweden and a tournament in Finland making it a long and expensive trip. Luckily, we have good sponsors, who support us financially,’ Byron Maldonado smiles.
‘Dana Cup is the highlight of the trip. We experience a fantastic tournament with outstanding conditions.

We used to live in Lundergårdskolen, but for the last five years we have been staying in UCN on Skolevangen, which is conveniently close to the Centre Area, so that our youngest players can easily walk back and forth,’ underlines Byron Maldonado, who is willing to pass on the position as CEO to Ronald Zavala, Vice CEO and coach for the team in class B15 at the Dana Cup. Then he will focus on being chairman of La Academia.

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