B16 (11) Finals 2019

27. Jul 2019
B16finale2019 11

Interclubes (BRA) – Kragerø IF FB (NOR) 1-2 (1-1):

After nine seconds of play, number 79 from Interclubes set a new scoring record at Dana Cup 2019. Thus, the Brazilians made it 1-0. Still, 2 minutes and 31 seconds later, Kragerø equalised. After five minutes number 79 hit the post.

Then the level dropped. Nevertheless, the intensity was still intact, but most play took place in midfield with not very dangerous chances.

Right up until Kragerø’s captain felt that enough was enough and curled the ball into the top corner.
The goal forced Interclubes to attack but a well-playing goalkeeper and a heroic fight by the Norwegians prevented the Brazilians from equalising.

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