Vålerenga Fotball - G18-19 - Norway

26. Feb 2020

Vålerenga Fotball - G18-19 - Norway


Our club, VIF, is #Oslo's pride - we are a big club with a long and proud history. Our focus towards girl´s football is still quite new. Our first team is currently playing at the top level and over the last three years, the club has made a solid commitment to us, the younger players.

We are an elite team that focuses on development. We have won the Norway Cup three times; we have been in the final of the Gothia Cup and several other tournaments. Now we are looking forward to competing in the Dana Cup.

This is our first time attending the tournament and we are looking forward to the Dana Cup 2020.

Our goal is to win and play good football and we expect to have a very good experience. We are looking forward to playing on beautiful grass fields and to meeting teams from other countries.

Vålerenga is already actively working with the UN Global Goals and the club's priority area in 2020 is equality and diversity, so we will play for Global Goal 5. The club shall facilitate equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, orientation or financial background. At the heart of this sustainability strategy is that neither gender, ethnicity, orientation nor the size of your wallet, set the premise for participation in our club. We are a club for everyone. The vision, in line with Vålerenga being Oslo's pride, is to be able to offer everyone the same care, offer and standard regardless of the color of your skin, whether you are a boy/girl, gay, bisexual, strident or how "rich" your family is.
1) Football for everyone - regardless of gender
2) Football for everyone - regardless of orientation
3) Football for everyone - regardless of your wallet

Read more about the Global Goals here

Website here

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