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02. Nov 2020
veo press photo dc20

Veo new partner for the Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring

Veo is our brand new partner for video recording and analytics. They are also a Danish company, just as the Dana Cup and Fortuna Hjørring.  

Veo have produced a product that can record teams training and games. It is a very simple solution with no need for a camera operator. The Veo camera is set up on a stand and then you simply press record via your smartphone. 

Veo’s camera records 180° and the image quality is ensured with two 4K lenses.

After recording, you upload your training or match and Veo’s software creates a fully viewable recording that you can study and analyse. The Veo platform offers a number of interesting possibilities. 

Veo have entered into the market with huge success. They have customers from the top level of football like - Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC and BARÇA Academy - although the majority of their customers are grassroots youth clubs which harmonizes perfectly with Fortuna and the Dana Cup as we are involved in both elite and grassroots football.

The Dana Cup Director - Jette Andersen, who is also a former Danish National Team player is looking forward to the partnership. The fact that Veo is a Danish company with the same core customers and target group as us, gives the collaboration an extra dimension. 

- We are certain that Veo will be a very popular feature at the next Dana Cup tournament, where teams can have their games recorded via Veo.

Regardless of level or desired level, it is fun and educational to have video of your games. It can be used for development and at the same time it is an amazing memory from your participation at one of the largest and best youth soccer tournaments in the world, a tournament that has been running for 38 years.

- Veo supplies cameras to the biggest clubs in the biggest leagues but our true passion and mission is to make it possible for everyone to record their football, especially those who have not previously had this opportunity. We are looking forward to making the next Dana Cup an unforgettable experience, creating eternal memories for players and coaches, says Veo CEO - Henrik Teisbæk.

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