Denmark is opening up!

09. Apr 2021

Denmark is opening up!

This gives us hope - Hope is passion for what is possible!

We are preparing to hold our tournament this summer, 26-31 July 2021. 

We would like to reassure you that we will be 100% prepared to hold our tournament in full accordance to the health and safety regulations the authorities give us.

We have been working behind the scenes since COVID-19 broke out, we have different scenarios set in place and your safety is our number one priority at all times.  

As we wait for the Danish Authorities and group of experts to deliver their plan in the middle of April, we have prepared a little Q & A that might answer some of your questions at this time.

1. How many teams and countries will compete?
Which teams and countries that will compete, will obviously depend on the international travel regulations, along with Denmark´s regulations. We will only accept teams that are fully approved to travel and enter into Denmark.

2. Can we accept spectators?
This will be up to the authorities to decide.

3. School and hotel accommodation
Will be set up under the regulations we are given by the authorities. As usual, teams will be accommodated together and their will be extra cleaning and hygiene services available.

4. Bus transport 
Will be run under the regulations we are given by the authorities.

5. Opening ceremony, event area, tivoli and dining halls
Once again these will also depend on the regulations we are given. 

6. Next update
Will come in the middle of April.

7. Registration
You can prepare and register without risk, as we have a 100% money back guarantee if we must cancel due to COVID-19. 

Stay strong and keep safe!

Welcome to the Dana Cup Hjørring 26-31 July 2021!


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