Another year without the Dana Cup

04. May 2021
Photo: Emil Jensen

Another year without the Dana Cup

Unfortunately, it is just not possible for us to hold our Dana Cup 2021 tournament this summer.

With a ban on accommodation, our last chance to hold our event has disappeared. 20.000 young footballers will now be extremely disappointed that once again they cannot take part in their beloved youth football tournament the Dana Cup.

Even though it hurts, the management at the Dana Cup has recognized that it is not possible to hold the Dana Cup 2021!

- We have lived in hope, up until the very last minute but with the update from the government last night, we are forced to give up and resign. There will be no Dana Cup 2021, says Director - Jette Andersen.

- We have worked with different scenarios since 2020 but with the decision that we cannot run our tournament with accommodation, it leaves us with only one thing to do and that is to cancel and start our preparations for the Dana Cup 2022.

Now the forced cancellation is a fact. While the Dana Cup informs the rest of the world, that plans are being set for a huge “Come Back” tournament in 2022, the local community are saddened that the festive and lucrative event is once again cancelled.

Dana Cup is a sporting experience and at the same time a social experience during the week, where the world meets on and around the football fields. It is also a week of great economic importance, not just for the Dana Cup but also for the many clubs and associations that contribute with labor and who earn a wage that is of utmost importance for their own operations.

For the city and the surrounding areas, the cancellation of the Dana Cup has a serious consequence.

- But there is not much else we can do but roll up our sleeves and use our creativity, says Jette Andersen.

- We will start selling the Dana Cup 2022 straight away and we are confident for our next event.

- Our biggest challenge is maintaining our volunteers. Dana Cup is dependent on around 2.000 volunteers who provide their services to us, so we can warmly welcome 20.000 young footballers to Hjørring in July to play football, meet new friends and have fun together.

We will ensure that our volunteers are ready to welcome you all to the opening of the Dana Cup 25-30 July 2022.

For further information please contact Jette Andersen 45 30 94 23 20.

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