Results on the Internet with Lightening Speed

22. Jul 2013
Resultater ny

Results on the Internet with Lightening Speed

When Maria and her team have finished playing a match at Dana Cup in Hjørring, her mother Rodrigues at home in Peru will be able to see the result on the Internet with lightening speed. Did she win or loose?

'We live in an age of technology and, naturally, it is reflected in our work,' says Jørgen Dahl, who is in charge of the results at Dana Cup.

'All our venues have been given iPads and WIFI, thus straight after the final whistle the referee will pass on the result to one of our employees at the football pitches, who will then upload it in the system making it accessible to everybody in the world within minutes,' continues Jørgen Dahl, who has not yet gotten rid of the written results entirely.

'Naturally, one will still be able to study all the results on the big boards in front of Vendia Hallen in Hjørring,' Jørgen Dahl explains.

One will be able to see the results of the different matches on the Internet a few minutes after the final whistle.

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