6414 People are picked up by Bus

22. Jul 2013
Transport ny

6414 People are picked up by Bus

The department of transport is one of the key functions of Dana Cup. Every year several thousand players and coaches are transported to schools, the area at Vendia Hallen and the football fields. And as an extra service Dana Cup offers to pick up all the teams at the ferries, railway stations and airports in order to bring them to their sleeping places.

'This year we have to transport 6414 people. The first group of people was picked up at Aalborg Airport on Friday when they arrived from the Faeroe Islands. On Saturday we picked up almost 500 people, and yesterday was a very busy day since 3214 participants arrived on board the ferries from Norway and Sweden,' explains, the head of the department of transport, Jørgen Nielsen.

'Today, Monday, we are going to pick up 2590 people in 45 busses – 30 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.'

Even though the last participants have not arrived yet in Hjørring, the transportation home has already been planned. On Friday 267 participants have booked transportation home. On Saturday 3660 players and coaches will be on the busses, while 2082 stay till Sunday before returning home. The last 200 people return home on Monday.

When all the teams have been collected at the ferries, railway stations and airports, they go straight to Check-in in Hjørring.

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