Won a Trip to Dana Cup with the Entire Team

23. Jul 2013
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The team, Tarup-Pårup, plays in B13 and won the first match 6-1. On the far left, it is Claus Haugaard Hansen and, on the right, wife Dorthe. Mikkel sits next to his father.

Won a Trip to Dana Cup with the Entire Team

When Mikkel Haugaard Hansen, for a laugh, last summer took part in an SMS-competition on Viasat, he had not imagined that he and his 16 teammates would be going to Dana Cup 2013 – for free. Last year one had to guess the number of participating teams. '832' Mikkel answered. And that was the correct answer.

'Mikkel was rather surprised when Dana Cup's chief public relations officer, Torben Vandsted, called and said that our son had won the competition. Actually, he did not really believe it at first, and it was not until a further talk with Torben that we realised that he had truly won,' smiles Dorthe Haugaard Hansen, who together with her husband, Claus, and a huge group of parents have come along with the boys from the island of Fyn.

'It is the first time we are at Dana Cup, and it is rather overwhelming. Everything is big, and there are people everywhere, but we are very impressed because everything is very well organised,' thinks Dorthe Haugaard Hansen, who shares a weekend cottage with another family. All the players' parents are here and they stay in weekend cottages, caravans or tents.

'Since Dana Cup takes place in week 30, one of the most popular holiday weeks in Denmark, it has been a challenge. We had to say yes to Dana Cup already last autumn and, initially, it was a bit difficult getting the parents to sign up that early but, thankfully, we succeeded, and I can easily imagine returning when Mikkel's younger brother gets a little bit older,' Dorthe Haugaard Hansen adds.

In order to thank Mikkel for the invitation his teammates collected money and gave Mikkel an Ipad mini.

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