Blood, Sweat and Faroese Rhythms

24. Jul 2013


Blood, Sweat and Faroese Rhythms

Hard work normally pays off. Havnar Bóltfelag's U12 team from the Faeroe Islands exemplifies this statement because for the last 12 months they have been collecting money in order to participate in Dana Cup 2013 in Hjørring. For instance, players, parents and managers from the club in Torshavn have sold scratch lottery tickets, collected empty bottles and worked in the cafeteria of the clubhouse, but they have become famous for something rather untraditional – a battle song.

Coach Ingi Rasmussen wrote the song, which sold a lot of CDs at home. Consequently; the sale of CDs has directly enabled the 30 boys from HB U12 to fulfil their wish to participate in this year's Dana Cup. The song ' Gev mær H' has quickly become a hit at this year's Dana Cup, and if you have not heard the song yet, you can listen to it here:

However, the 12-year-old boys from the islands in the Atlantic will continue to be in the full blaze of the publicity: presently, they are working on a video, which will surely become very popular on Dana Cup's Facebook page and YouTube the following days.

With this, the boys from Havnar Bóltfelag prove that it helps to be creative, and that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. In addition, the Danish TV channel TV2/Nord has discovered the team and, thus, you will be able to see the a feature from Tuesday 23 July 2013:

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