600 Managers Enjoyed a VIP Evening

24. Jul 2013
vipaften ny
Representatives for RØA and Eik Tønsberg received plaquettes and diplomas when they became members of Club 100

 600 Managers Enjoyed a VIP Evening

Tuesday evening is a special evening during Dana Cup. Here managers and invited guests enjoy a couple of hours of nice food, official speeches, plus music and dance. Thus, Tuesday evening 600 people from all over the world met in Vendia Hallen.

The program of the evening included silver plaquettes and diplomas for the representatives of the two Norwegian clubs RØA and Eik Tønsberg, which both became members of Club 100 at Dana Cup – that is clubs, which have sent 100 teams or more to the tournament through out the years.

Moreover, the players of Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club from Hawaii performed a traditional dance. The boys danced Haka, while the girls danced hula-hula.

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