Seleccion de Honduras: ’Dana Cup is the best!’

24. Jul 2013
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 Seleccion de Honduras: 'Dana Cup is the best!'

 Seleccion de Honduras thinks that the road to success at Dana Cup has been paved.

The team is made up of the best 15- and 16-year-old talents from all over Honduras and, even though, they are younger and smaller than their opponents, it looks as if the team is heading for success having already won the first three matches with an aggregate of 8 goals.

'Dana Cup is the best tournament. Better than Gothia Cup, Norway Cup and Barcelona Cup, and that is why we want to win: because it is a very prestigious tournament. Unfortunately, our best player injured his ankle in the previous game. However, he managed to score 6 goals in two matches, but he is unable to continue playing,' the leader, Dietar Quiroz, explains.

In the beginning of the week the team met the mayor of Hjørring and lit the Dana Cup flame, which made an everlasting impression on both players and coaches.

'We are very happy to be rewarded for our hard work getting to the tournament, since we got to lit the flame on Monday, and it was a great honour. Coming here was very expensive but with hard work and a lot of help from the parents I succeeded getting sponsors, discounts and money enough to make it happen,' Dieter says.

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