Byåsen at Dana Cup for the 30th Time

25. Jul 2013
Byaasen ny
Byåsen is the biggest foreign club at Dana Cup 2013.

 Placering af overskrift

Byåsen from Norway and Dana Cup are good friends. They are so good friends that Byåsen participates for the 30th time. Moreover, at this year's Dana Cup Byåsen is the biggest club with 16 teams.

'Traditionally, we do not participate in Norway Cup. On the other hand, each year, everybody in Byåsen looks forward to participating in Dana Cup,' explains Pål Arne Winsnes, who helps the club's B15 and is a member of the board.

Byåsen is Norway's biggest club with 3.000 members. At the same time, Byåsen is the name of the western part of Trondheim with 35.000 inhabitants – thus, almost 10% are members of the local sport club.

'We choose to participate in Dana Cup, because everybody considers the stay in Denmark a holiday. Lots of parents come along, and most of them stay in summer cottages in Lønstrup, where they enjoy themselves swimming or laying on the beach – that is, when they do not watch football at Dana Cup,' smiles Pål Arne wWinsnes, who updates Facebook on a regular basis and, accordingly, he is able to see that people back home are very interested in keeping up to date with how things are progressing at Dana Cup.

Byåsen has a proud tradition of football at Dana Cup. The club has won the A-finals three times. In 2010 the boys in B19 won silver and in 2012 the boys in B15 won bronze. At this year's Dana Cup, Byåsen has four teams in the A-playoffs, and Pål Arne Winsnes will not be surprised if one of the teams makes it to the finals.

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