Bermuda at Dana Cup for the First Time

26. Jul 2013
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Bermuda at Dana Cup for the First Time.

 Bermuda at Dana Cup for the First Time

 44 countries participate in this year's record-breaking Dana Cup. Three of them are new: Honduras, Serbia and Bermuda. The boys from Bermuda's Brazilian Football School, who play in B12, think that the trip to Denmark and Dana Cup has been a huge experience.

'Bermuda's Brazilian Football School is a football school, and it is the children's parents, who have paid for the trip to Denmark,' explains Arne Thomsen, who has lived in Bermuda for two years and has helped arrange the trip to Dana Cup.

'I lived in Bermuda from 1978 to 1980 and back then the country was a great football nation which, among other things, beat the U.S. Today, Bermuda's Brazilian Football School works to restore football and, as the name of the school indicates, Brazil and Brazilian football is the biggest source of inspiration,' Arne Thomsen says.

1st Vice President of the Bermuda Football Association, Calvin Blankendal, coaches Bermuda's team at Dana Cup.

Bermuda's Brazilian Football School acts as ambassadors for Bermuda on the trip to Denmark, and Bermuda's Ministry of Tourism are among the sponsors.

After Dana Cup the team from Bermuda will take part in Brøndby Cup and Vildbjerg Cup.

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