Online Shop at Dana Cup 2014

26. Jul 2013
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Football boots are very sought after at Sportsmaster at Dana Cup. Next year, one will be able to order online and then pick up the items at Dana Cup.

 Online Shop at Dana Cup 2014

 Expensive football boots are very sought after in the tent at Sportsmaster. You can often safe up to 30% on the most costly football boots compared to, for instance, Norway. Consequently, many players wait to buy new football boots until the arrived at Dana Cup. The same is true of team jerseys with a logo.

'Next year, we plan to start an online shop at Dana Cup and thus, beforehand, the players will be able to order football boots, for instance. The items will then be packed and ready when the participants arrive in Hjørring,' Aage Strøm explains.

'We are also able to offer clubs special t-shirts with Dana Cup's logo or the clubs' own logo on the jerseys. The clubs simply have to send us their logo and then the clothes will be ready when Dana Cup starts,' elaborates Aage Strøm, who predicts that more items will be accessible online.

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