G13 Finals: Tips Timantit vs Fortuna Hjørring

26. Jul 2013
Finnish Tips Timantit outsprinted the hosts from Fortuna Hjørring and rightly won.

 Fortuna Overthrown

G13: Tips Timantit (FIN) - Fortuna Hjørring (DAN) 6 - 1 (2 - 0)

It is not a shame loosing to a better team. And Fortuna Hjørring lost to such an opponent in the final in G13. Finnish Tips Timantit never let anyone question where the trophy and gold medals were to be placed. Already after 9 minutes of play, the guests in the green jerseys sent a clear message as Fortuna's defence was overrun for the first time.

However, one should give the girls from Hjørring credit for not giving up, even though it gradually became clearer that Fortuna could not match the speed of the opponents. The team, Tips Timantit, was extremely dangerous on counter attacks. In consequence, the club's offensive players again and again outran Fortuna's defence.

Behind 0-3 Fortuna managed to score a goal in the middle of the second half, but Tips Timantit quickly replied by scoring another three goals: for instance, they netted one from the penalty spot.

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