B13 Finals: Holmen IF vs Düren-Niederau FC

27. Jul 2013
Düren-Niederau from Germany won B13.

 German Fingerprints on the Trophy

 B13: Holmen IF (NOR) - Düren-Niederau FC (GER) 0 - 4 (0 - 1)

The roles were divided early on in the final in B13. More or less from the first whistle, Düren-Niederau took control of the game. And even though Holmen tried to win, the German players were simply better.

They scored the first goal after seven minutes and albeit they did not score for another 30 minutes it was nevertheless the logical consequence of them controlling the game. Holmen rarely came near Düren-Niederaus' goal but, on the other hand, the opponents had several nice shots on goal and in the end they scored another two goals.

After the game, the players from Holmens were the first people to express their congratulations to the Germans in winning the Dana Cup final. As a matter of fact, it was a really fine gesture by a skilled group of players, who won silver.

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