Finals G15 2013 Gneist IL vs Øvrevoll Hosle IL

27. Jul 2013
Intense fighting at close quarters marked an even final in G15 between Gneist and Øvrevoll Hosle.

 Relief for Gneist IL in the End

 G15: Gneist IL (NOR) - Øvrevoll Hosle IL (NOR) 2 - 0 (0 - 0)

For 40 minutes it looked as the final in G15 was going into extra time. Actually, both teams fought, played and kicked without being really dangerous in front of goal.

It was a very even game, but then things finally began to move. Despite being in possession of the ball most of the time, Gneist IL never created any big chances. But in three minutes two beautiful goals essentially decided the outcome of the game.

Gneist seemed to be the physically strongest players on the pitch. The fighting at close quarters was intense, the tackles were good and the runs were fast and, accordingly, Gneist IL deserved winning gold. Nonetheless, Øvrevoll Hosle also performed well.

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