Finals B19: Minas vs Dallas Texans SC

27. Jul 2013
Dallas Texans won gold against Minas from Spain.

 Dallas Texans Won Gold

 B19: Minas (ESP) - Dallas Texans SC (USA) 1 - 2 (1 - 1) after extra time.

Minas from Madrid played the most beautiful football based on advanced soccer skills and a great first touch. However, Dallas Texans in the red jerseys proved that a big heart willing to fight will get you far. In this case, they won gold in B19 at Dana Cup.

The concept of Dallas Texans was obviously to make use of a solid defence. Thus, the Americans kept the concept throughout the game and, even though Minus – not least due to the player in jersey number 7, who also became Man of the Match – passed the ball well and showed great skills, one of the American players nevertheless headed home a long throw-in to put Dallas Texans ahead. The goal made Minas change tactics and, consequently, the team put much more pressure on the opponents. The Spanish players were rewarded 15 seconds before the final whistle as they equalised from a corner to make it 1-1.

However, only two minutes into extra time Dallas Texans scored the game-winning goal. Actually, they scored again from a dead ball situation: this time from a free kick.

The rest of the match was pure survival for Dallas Texans.

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