Finals G14: Lake Norman SC vs Kløfta-Ullensaker-Kisa

27. Jul 2013
On Saturday, Lake Norman SC from the USA won gold medals in G14 by beating Kløfta Ullensaker-Kisa from Norway. On Friday, the club also won bronze medals in G15.

 Lake Norman Win Gold and Bronze

 G14: Lake Norman SC (USA) - Kløfta-Ullensaker-Kisa (NOR) 1 - 0 (0 - 0) – after extra time.

It was not until the 59th minute of play – 9 minutes into extra time – that Lake Norman managed to score the winning goal and, thus, win G14. The final between Lake Norman SC from the USA and Kløfta Ullensaker-Kisa from Norway lacked goal chances. The American players needed almost an hour of play to score before being able to bring the trophy back home.

Before the final Lake Norman SC had played an impressive 15 games at Dana Cup, because the club had participated in both G14 and G15. Yesterday, they even succeeded in winning bronze medals in G15. It is a great achievement.

The Norwegian players defenced well for a very long time. Actually, you had to wait until extra time before the Norwegian goalkeeper was really put under pressure. In fact, both she and the rest of the Norwegian team played a really good match.

Therefore, it was a real pity for the goalkeeper that, with just one-minute left of extra time, the ball went in the net.

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