Dana Cup 2014. 21 - 26 July

08. Aug 2013

Dana Cup 2014. 21 - 26 July


The dates and classes for the Dana Cup 2014 are set. All around the World in your clubs you can now cross off your calender and start preparing for your experience in Hjørring, Denmark in 2014. 

Dana Cup 2014 is played in the last week of July between the 21st and the 26th of July and it will be our 33rd tournament.

Games will be played in the following classes:

B19 Boys born 1.1.1995 or later

B17 Boys born 1.1.1997 or later

B16 Boys born 1.1.1998 or later

B15 Boys born 1.1.1999 or later

B14 Boys born 1.1.2000 or later

B13 Boys born 1.1.2001 or later

B12(7) Boys born 1.1.2002 or later

B11(7) Drenge Boys born 1.1.2003 or later

G19 Girls born 1.1.1995 or later

G17 Girls born 1.1.1997 or later

G16 Girls born 1.1.1998 or later

G15 Girls born 1.1.1999 or later

G14 Girls born 1.1.2000 or later

G13 Girls born 1.1.2001 or later

G12(7) Girls born 1.1.2002 or later

Entries for the Dana Cup 2014 will open from the 13th of September and you are all more than welcome to come and join us!

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