Dana Cup to Hjørring and ’Live’

20. Jul 2014
Gistrup MG 0409
From the left: Simon Borup, Janus Jacobsen and Mathias Christensen from Gistrup Film prepare for a week's production at Dana Cup.

 Dana Cup to Hjørring and 'Live' to the Entire World

Nobody doubts that Dana Cup takes place in Hjørring in week 30. However, if one cannot come to the football fields to watch a match, one can watch the games at home in front of the TV or on the computer.

Even before the official opening Monday evening and the first games on Tuesday morning, TV will be broadcasted from Dana Cup.

The partner through several years – Gistrup Film – has produced small appetizers, which are being broadcasted on Hjørring Aerial company's Info-channel, and when the tournament starts for real reports and live-features will be broadcasted 24 hours a day during the entire week.

'It means a lot to us that we are able to keep the people of Hjørring and surroundings informed about the tournament because they give fantastic support to Dana Cup,' Dana Cup's director Jette Andersen says.

'In recent years, Hjørring Aerial company has helped us to broadcast still pictures on their net, and now we use video. Moreover, we find it extremely positive that Gistrup Film uses live streaming on the Internet. As a consequent, the entire world will be able to watch the events from Hjørring on computers, smartphones and tablets. When we, with participants from 42 nations, experience the international touch here in Hjørring, we believe that the international community should also be able to get a glimpse of the experience,' Jette Andersen underlines.

The owner of Gistrup Film, Janus Jacobsen, considers the tasks at Dana Cup a great experience giving him technical and production like knowledge, for instance. A team of volunteers work at Dana Cup Communication, where the video editorial staff constitutes a major part. 15 people are busy producing video throughout the entire week.

Hjørring Aerial Company's Info-channel is the main customer. In addition, one can watch the production on the big screen in front of Vendiahallen.

Plus, the production is streamed live to the entire world via the Internet.

In the closing weekend, one can watch almost 25 hours of live streaming from the finals at Hjørring Stadium.

Additionally, the features from Dana Cup can also be watched on an App to IPhone and Android.

Finally, on Dana Cup's homepage one can also follow the events.

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