2535 Games Before the Winners are Found

21. Jul 2014

 2535 Games Before the Winners are Found

 2325 games were played during Dana Cup 2013 before the final whistle at Hjørring Stadium. This year almost 200 games more are played, more precisely 2535 before the final winners have been found Saturday evening.

The huge puzzle putting the world's third largest football tournament for youth together is as always in the hands of the head of the tournament Ole Vang Bruun and, naturally, with an additional 90 teams more football pitches are needed this year.

'Consequently, we have also included the pitches in the small town of Astrup, situated about 5 km from the centre area at Vendiahallen. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all the pitches will be in use. Moreover, after a couple of years of rest, games will again be played in Harken, but this year only on Thursday,' explains Ole Vang Bruun, who underlines that each and every team will play at least one game on the pitches at the centre area.

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