Dana Cup App

22. Jul 2014
Dana Cup app

 Dana Cup App

 The participants at this year's Dana Cup will have noticed that one cannot get one's hands on the traditional Dana Cup Info-book, since it has been replaced by a Dana Cup App, which one can download for free via App Store or Google play. In the Dana Cup App you will find contact information, news, playing fields, school locations, tournament schedule and much more.

It is Dana Cup's marketing manager Alison Forman, who has helped develop the App.

'In modern times everybody is using a smart phone or IPads. Consequently, we offer free Wi-Fi in the entire Center Area and in all the schools. We just thought that it would be easier than carrying a book, which one tends to forget or throw away. That was the idea behind the App,' Alison Forman says.

'It is my impression that the App has been well received. Already before the start of the tournament we received a lot of positive feedback and, so far, people have said that it is simple and contains all necessary information, which one needs; thus, it has been very positive,' Alison Forman underlines.

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