Two-Day-Journey to Dana Cup

22. Jul 2014

 Two-Day-Journey to Dana Cup

 48 hours with bus and ferry. The boys and girls from Finnish KIPS, 150 km north of the Polar Circle, have been on a long journey before arriving at their first Dana Cup in Hjørring. And, so far, they have had no regrets.

'We haven't been here for so long, but it seems as if Dana Cup is a great tournament,' stresses the president of the club, Veli-Matti Hettula, who has brought along 46 children and grown-ups.

Previously, KIPS have participated in a football tournament in Northern Sweden but, last year, the club decided to move to the next level as the president of the club puts it.

'As soon as we decided to participate in Dana Cup, we began to create the economical foundation. Everybody has work hard cleaning, for instance, and other kinds of jobs in order to earn money. Moreover, sponsorships have also helped us raise the funds,' continues Veli-Matti Hettula, who was rather surprised by the spectacular opening on Monday evening.

'As a matter of fact it looked like the Olympic games. It is absolutely amassing how the entire town supports Dana Cup. We have met many locals, who have been very kind to us. We would love to return to Dana Cup, but getting the funding is hard work, so perhaps we'll not be able to come every year,' says the president of the club, who liked the fact that his G14 team got to meet the mayor of Hjørring.

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