Enthusiastic about Dana Cup

24. Jul 2014
Players from TSV Eintracht Eggebek drink plenty of water during halftime.

 Enthusiastic about Dana Cup

 On a hot day like yesterday, it was important to drink plenty of water in order to stay fit and focused on the game. Thus, the players from TSV Eintracht Eggebek deservedly had plenty of water during halftime in a tight match, which they lost 1-2 to the Norwegian team Austenvoll.

' We chose to come to Dana Cup because it is easy to get here by car. Moreover, we asked the players if they wanted to go to Gothia Cup or Dana Cup and most of them said Dana Cup; and so did the parents,' coach Bjørn Morbeck explains.

'My impression is that the players like Dana Cup very much. This is due to the fact that the tournament is very familial, and they can walk about freely. I can divide them into small groups of three without having to worry. It is easy to find the correct bus. The bus drivers are always friendly. It is easy to get around and, accordingly, we are not afraid of loosing a player,' Bjørn Morbeck continues.

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