Hjørring-Couple have lost their Hearts to Romania

25. Jul 2014

 Hjørring-Couple have lost their Hearts to Romania

For 24 years the married couple Bodil and Holger Christensen from Hjørring have send clothes, tinned goods, cleaning materials and a lot of other things to children and grown-ups in the shires Bihor and Alba in Rumania.

'We were very moved when in 1990 we saw a video from Rumania, and then we have used all of our spare time, including holidays, to collect things for all the people in Rumania, who need support. In the beginning we gave away collected things for children in orphanages, but now we also give to homes for elderly, hospitals and children living in the streets,' explains Bodil and Holger Christensen, who used to drive to Rumania themselves but, nowadays, have made an agreement with a Rumanian road delivery business that drives the growing amounts of aid to Rumania.

'At one point we sent 7 trucks. Moreover, our old Ford Transit has driven more than 500,000 kilometres with the same engine,' smiles Holger Christensen, who is 66 years old and now on early retirement.

And age is the reason why they have decided to slow down a bit, despite not wanting to. They no longer have the same kind of energy they used to 24 years ago. However, they cannot let go completely because during Dana Cup Bodil and Holger Christensen follow the players and managers from FC Rival in Rumania closely.

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