B11 Finals 2014

25. Jul 2014

 Size made the Difference

 B11 Finals: PR Academy (SWE) - Skibsby/Højene IF (DEN) 4 - 1 (3 - 1)

In the final in class B11 it was obvious that size can make a difference in football. The boys from Skibsby Højene IF played a fine game, fought bravely and never gave up, but many of the boys from PR Academy were bigger and stronger and, viewed in the light of these fact, the Swedes deservedly won an entertaining final.

The Swedish boys kicked harder and were stronger physically.

After a lively first half with two goals within the first four minutes, the second half was a position warfare, in which PR Academy's goalkeeper had more or less nothing to do, while his Danish college made a lot of wonderful saves.

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