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10. Oct 2014
FT hcsc

Photo: HCSC Den Helder in 1990, Patrick Vogelzang

HCSC Den Helder from Holland – B17 and B15


Tell us briefly the history of your club/team?

HCSC Den Helder is a club in the west of the Netherlands, one hour from Amsterdam. The club is founded in 1948 and at this moment the club has five senior teams, 19 youth boys' teams and one youth girls team. The first team of the club played for several years at the second highest level for amateur teams. Our club colors are blue and white.

Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated?

The club HCSC participated for the first time in 1986 at the Dana Cup. In the years after we have been a total of 16 times in Denmark. The last time was in 2003.

What are your goals and expectations for the Dana Cup 2015?

Our expatiations for 2015 are the same as every year we went to Dana Cup. For the players it is a big trip and we want them to combine pleasure with performance. The tournament is a high level for our players and if we still play on Friday we have achieved our goals.

Check out HCSC Den Helder here and Facebook here

HCSC Den Helder, Patrick Vogelzang - Welcome to the Dana Cup 2015.

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