Close by via Aalborg Airport

29. Oct 2014

Photo: Lufthansa is bringing the rest of the World closer to the Dana Cup when they open their new summer route direct to Frankfurt with two daily flights.

Close by via Aalborg Airport


Dana Cup is now closer to the rest of the World via an expansion of the routes from Aalborg.

No matter where you are in the World, it will be easier to arrive to the Dana Cup in Hjørring, Denmark.

A continued expansion of the routes to and from the Aalborg Airport means it is easier and quicker to get to where the action is happening in July.

Lufthansa has decided to use the Aalborg Airport in conjunction with direct flights to Frankfurt, starting from the summer of 2015. There will be two daily flights to Frankfurt, which is a hub for global air traffic.

Aalborg Airport already has a close connection to another major European Airport - Schiphol in Amsterdam. KLM's Cityhopper has three daily flights between Aalborg Airport and the capital of Holland where there are continuous connections to the rest of the World.

So the Dana Cup has now become even closer to thousands of soccer players from all around the World due to the two major airlines increased activities on the international routes to and from the Aalborg Airport. With just one connection you can go all around the World.

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Photo: KLM are already in Aalborg, connecting Northern Jutland with the rest of the World via Amsterdam.

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