New dining hall

03. Nov 2014
jette spade

Photo: The chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, Jette Andersen turns the first spade of earth for the new dining hall and Dana Cup center as the Mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt looks on. 

New dining hall!


Dana Cup will have a new dining hall at the 2015 tournament. The building of a huge hall worth 15 million kroner has started. 

It is impossible to imagine but where the Dana Cup participants have eaten their lunch and dinner for many years, you will now find a huge construction site that will be transformed over the next 8 months to a giant hall complex. The complex will house the Dana Cup´s dining facilities and a number of other service functions that are set up in July, when players and leaders from more than 1.000 teams and 45 nations arrive to the playing fields, the schools and the streets of Hjørring. 

Fortuna Hjørring, the organizing club behind the Dana Cup is working together with the Hjørring Community to build the Nord Energi Boxen, a giant 2.500 square meter hall. The hall, which is the size of 2 handball fields will be one dining hall during the Dana Cup week. At the same time, the Hjørring Community is renovating the Vendiahallen which will be unrecognizable compared to what participants have experienced earlier.   

All together there is invested around 50 million kroner in the area. So not only will the Dana Cup participants experience the perfect conditions but all different kinds of sports will have use of the upscale facilities all year round.  

The Mayor of Hjørring, Arne Boelt and the Chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, Jette Andersen have turned the first spade of earth so construction is fully underway. 

Dana Cup looks forward to welcoming participants to the new facilities at the 2015 tournament.

nordenergi boxen

Photo: This is what the new center will look like when we open the Dana Cup 2015. 

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