Dana Cup believes in India

19. Nov 2014
bikram india

Photo: Bikram Singh Thockchom in India.

Dana Cup believes in India


In an effort to make the Dana Cup in Hjørring even more international there is major progress taking place in India.

Bikram Singh Thockchom participated in the Dana Cup 2014, where he came in close contact with Alison Leigh Forman who is in charge of marketing at the Dana Cup.

An excellent chemistry occured between the two and a partnership was formed between the Dana Cup and Bikram. This means there will be a least two Indian girls teams on the field at the Dana Cup 2015.

- Bikram is a trainer with a huge heart and a person who wishes to make a difference for young Indian girls who want to play soccer, says Alison.

- At this time Bikram is holding his School Girls Soccer Festival in India. He is advertising the Dana Cup 2015 and raising the awareness to attract more teams to Hjørring next summer, apart from his two girls teams. 

There is no doubt that Bikram and his girls have high expectations for the partnership with the Dana Cup.

- We have around 10 million school children in India and they love soccer, especially the girls says Bikram.

- They are just now beginning to get a chance to experience all the joy that has been eluding them for so long due to various socio-cultural reasons. Players at all levels are pursuing for excellence and to reach their best potential, humanly possible and the journey of pursuit is the joy we seek.

- The Dana Cup partnership is truly a blessing for all of our players. Now we have the opportunity to discover the truth of soccer – that is truly a global and universal sport. As India opens up to the global fraternity - football is a bridge to share with the world India's heritage, history and wealth for the common good.

- Someday we would love to have many brothers and sisters of the Dana Cup come to India and play football with us in India. 

bikram india girls

Photo: Happy girls in India.

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