B15 Finals 2022

30. Jul 2022

Dallas Texans Soccer Club (USA) – Voss FBK (0-0) 6-5

Saturday’s finals got off to an entertaining start with two teams that both could and wanted to play soccer. With fast pace, intense fighting spirit and skilled players, American Dallas Texans Soccer Club and Norwegian Voss gave the spectators a good start to the day.

Unfortunately, they were unable to score any goals in regular time. Dallas Texans Soccer Club clearly had the upper hand, while Voss had an excellent goalkeeper and defence. However, Voss never created any real goal-scoring chances. On the other hand, the Americans were a little bit sloppy, unconcentated in attack.

In a thrilling penalty shootout, Voss seemed to be winning for a long time but, in the end, the Americans were more effective.

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