B17 Finals 2022

30. Jul 2022

Clubul Sportiv Sporting Cluj Napoca (RUM) – Dallas Texan Soccer Club (USA) (0-0) 0-2

It was fair enough that Dallas Texan Soccer Club’s won the club’s second set of gold medals. In a match lacking any real goal-scoring chances, it was after all the Americans, who had most shots on goal.

Therefore, Dallas Texan Soccer Club deservedly made it 1-0 on penalty after 32 minutes of play. The best player of the match, Dallas’ number 12, penetrated the Rumanian defence and was fouled in the penalty box. Then, he scored a well-placed penalty kick.

Furthermore, Dallas scored a second time with three minutes left of the game. Thus, the second set of gold medals went to the Lone Star State.

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