G17 Finals 2022

29. Jul 2022

Fjellhamar FK (NOR) – Fortuna Hjørring (DAN) (0-3)

The local players from Fortuna Hjørring were everywhere.  They outshined the Norwegian guests in all facets of the game, and Fjellhamar were busy defending and, consequently, they rarely created anything. However, they were unable to prevent Fortuna from scoring goals. The team from Hjørring scored three beautiful goals.

The first goal was a real gem because one of Fortuna’s players managed to chip the keeper.  The second goal was a powerful effort from the edge of the box, and third was curled into the top corner.

On the other hand, the second half was rather subdued. Fjellhamar fought bravely and Fortuna was satisfied with the result, so Fortuna defeated Fjellhamar 3-0.

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