Next Generation of Football

22. Jul 2015
Kieran Bailey

 Next Generation of Football

 This morning the English referee Kieran Bailey had the opportunity to test a new camera called GoPro. The camera was placed on his chest enabling viewers at home to watch a football game seen from the referee's perspective.

'I believe that it is going to be a nice experience. It is going to be great for everybody to see what I see. I'm all for it,' smiles Kieran Bailey, who referees in the London corridor. He has been coming to Dana Cup for five years enjoying meeting friends. Additionally, it is also good pre-season training.

However, he does not believe that officials will be wearing them in the future.

'Nevertheless, I think that you'll see an increase in technology; obviously, goal-line technology has come into use now. And I can see it gets to a point where maybe we start using it for offside and things like that, but I do not think that we'll start using it for fouls. It is still going to be judgemental; down to someone's opinion,' referee Kieran Bailey states.

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