Dana Cup Camping

04. Jun 2013

Photo: Dana Cup Town/Hyttebyen

Dana Cup will cover camping needs


Many parents, family members and friends that follow the players to the Dana Cup in Hjørring have had a wish for quiet some time now to be able to combine our tournament with a camping holiday. These wishes are increasing all the time.

So the Dana Cup has been given the permission to make a temporary camping site at the Dana Cup Town in the middle of the Dana Cup center area.

The cabins at the Dana Cup Town are already occupied by Dana Cup participants so this year they will have new neighbours in the form of campers both caravans and tents.

Dana Cup is also working on other accommodation options to cover the huge requests that we are receiving.
Any Dana Cup guests that wish to spend the last week of July camping in Hjørring can order a site by sending a mail to soccer@danacup.dk you will receive information and prices in return.

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