Dana Cup to meet US coaches

12. Jan 2017

Dana Cup to meet US coaches


The tournament invites the whole world within.

Direct contact with thousands of American soccer coaches will assist in making the Dana Cup Hjørring and even wider tournament. For many years, the Dana Cup have been present when the American soccer coaches meet in Los Angeles at their yearly convention, the NSCAA.

- For many years the number of American teams was very high but after 9/11 there was a major decline. Now we would like to get the numbers back up again, says the Director of the Dana Cup - Jette Andersen.

- The participation of more American teams, means more interest from other nations to participate.  

- So being a part of the NSCAA Convention, not only gives more American teams but also more teams from other nations and that makes the Dana Cup Hjørring even more interesting.

Dana Cup is represented at the convention with Director - Jette Andersen, Marketing - Alison Leigh Forman, Accommodation Co-ordinator Bob Knudsen Andersen and Event & Sponsor Director - Mads Larsen. They are excited to welcome guests at the convention.

The convention opens on Thursday the 12th of January and the Dana Cup stand closes again on the 14th of January.


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