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07. Feb 2019
Bjarg 5 07.02

We are going to #DanaCup2019


Bjarg IL was founded in 1947, today the club is active with different sports – gymnastics, handball, football and athletics. Our football department has just over 1.000 members with just under 100 teams registered to play in 2018.

Bjarg IL has participated in the Dana Cup numerous times, a total of 34 teams over 11 years.

For us, the Dana Cup is a social arena where we build the team spirit and cohesion. We believe that participating in a huge summer tournament like the Dana Cup, develops our players, coaches and club in a positive manner. We get to know each other better and enjoy sporting experiences together – victories and losses.

First of all we would like say that all of the 17 Global Goals are important but if we must choose one that is important for us, we would choose Goal number 4 – Quality Education. Education for everyone can reduce poverty worldwide, which will give a positive effect towards all of the other Global Goals. - Read more about the Global Goals here

Website: Bjarg IL

Facebook: @ILBjarg

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