Jette Andersen 100% Dana Cup

09. Apr 2019

Jette Andersen to concentrate 100% on the Dana Cup

The Director of the Dana Cup Hjørring, Jette Andersen has decided to concentrate 100% on the Dana Cup tournament. After 29 years as Chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, Jette Andersen is handing over the position to Birgit Christensen.

- The amount of work around the organization of the Dana Cup is increasing and in order for me to perform satifactory for myself and for the Dana Cup, it is necessary to be available full time, says Jette Andersen.

- With just 3 and a half months to go to the start of the tournament, we are extremely busy in our office. It will only be more and more intense within the coming months, culminating when we kick off on the 22nd of July.

- It is going very well with registrations to the tournament, so participating numbers are on the rise once again. 

- This places a high demand on all of us within the organization but one thing is certain and that is that our participants will have an amazing experience as always this summer.


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