Dana Cup 2020 and the Corona threat

16. Mar 2020
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Dana Cup 2020 and the Corona threat

In line with the developments regarding the pandemic COVID-19 and announcements from the Danish Prime Minister, the authorities, specialists and other announcements internationally, we are receiving a huge number of inquiries regarding the Dana Cup 2020.

The announcements from the authorities today, says that people should avoid large crowds and there will be controls made at all Danish borders. High restrictions are set in place, including the authorites not allowing the entrance of foreign guests.

The Dana Cup 2020 will take place from the 20th to 25th of July, in four months time. We strongly believe that COVID-19 is at that time combated and the situation under full control. That is why we continue to plan and prepare for this year's Dana Cup.

Should there be any concern among clubs heading to the Dana Cup 2020, we would like to point out that the Dana Cup cancellation policy applies as usual!

Here you will find our cancellation and no show rules! However due to the situation, we have adjusted and extended the deadline for refunds of the participation fees. The deadline for cancellations and refunds of the participation fees is now changed to the 14th of June 2020!

We act on the basis of competent advice and we will always be conscious of our responsibility and aim for yet another successful Dana Cup.

Yours sincerely

Dana Cup Management


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