Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 5

19. Oct 2021

Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 5

Registrations are rocket high, as there is a huge interest to take part in the Dana Cup 2022.

We are an open international youth football tournament for all levels of clubs who are looking for the ultimate youth football experience.

We offer a unique international atmosphere way up north at the top of Denmark. Hjørring is a cosy city with wide open spaces, filled with fantastic green grassed playing fields.

Here we create a safe haven where our participants can simply indulge and enjoy playing international games, meeting friends, sightseeing and much more.

Today we relive the Girls G16 final from 2019 – Viking FK (NOR) v AaB (DEN)

For an experience of a lifetime, join us next summer – Register online here


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