Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 10

23. Nov 2021

Dana Cup - Bringing back the good times - Episode 10

Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing!

Dana Cup, created in 1982 and shared with over 900.000 participants.

Here is what some of our clubs say about their experience.....

We participated in the Dana Cup and enjoyed an amazing experience. Throughout the event, we experienced a high standard in terms of accommodation, meals, referees and the playing fields. With plenty of opportunities outside the playing fields, the tournament is perfect for many teams, both amateur and elite. Best of all, is the unique cultural diversity with teams from all around the world. So for a Danish club, you do not have to travel far to meet new and exciting opponents. Sundby Boldklub, Kasper Klarskov Nielsen

Impressive implementation for a huge tournament. You see smiling personal everywhere. A fantastic tournament and I am very impressed and can highly recommend it. Trott IL from Norway, Tor Erik Eide

Amazing structure and really a fantastic program, everything runs like clockwork. Soul Youth FC from Bangladesh, Shipon Miah

Ceremony exemplary, organization of the tournament (match, transport, lunch and dinner) my best compliments. Sassariente from Switzerland, Leo Girardi

Fantastic experience thank you, we will return in 2016. The spirit of the whole event and all involved encouraged a competitive but friendly feel to the whole tournament. Charlestown Ladies from England, Andy Barrett

We had a fantastic week, all of our children were excited and we will definately return again next year. The finals at the stadium in Hjørring, the opening ceremony, the event area, the playing fields etc. everything was just perfect. Buchholzer FC from Germany, Klaas Jensen

Very friendly staff at our school accommodation. The whole tournament was a success. The boys had great time at the fields and also at the event area. With our own bus we went sightseeing to the surrounding areas of Hjørring. We even went to the beach for a swim. Valtti FC from Finland, Mikko Pasanen

We have become very happy for the Dana Cup and the people who organize the Dana Cup tournament, they are always smiling and very service minded. Everything runs like clockwork and it is good to be a Norwegian in Denmark. The cohesion of our players and parents at the tournament is fantastic. Namsos IL from Norway, Hans Kjetil Andreassen

I love the atmosphere in Hjørring, at our school, in the downtown and of course in the Dana Cup area. The best experience is definitely the feeling when you and your players are getting ready for the matches against teams you have never met before. Grótta-KR from Iceland, Magnús Örn Helgason

Today we relive the Boys B15 final from 2019 – Asker FB 1 (NOR) v Ørn Horten FK (NOR)

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