Increasing German interest

22. Jan 2014

Photo: Dana Cup visited the Berliner Fußball-Verband, Director Michael Lameli (on the left) and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röder (on the right). Berliner Fußball-Verband would like to send a girls G16/17 team to the Dana Cup and then have a return visit in Berlin by one of Fortuna's teams.

Increased German interest


Dana Cup is experiencing an increased interest from German clubs. This is due to the extra service we are giving to the German soccer clubs. 

Fortuna's earlier elite trainer and professional soccer player in Germany, Flemming Nielsen is employed by the Dana Cup where he is assisting with the marketing in Germany along with other areas. 

- We are already seeing positive results from the work Flemming is doing in Germany. More clubs are showing their interest in participating at the Dana Cup in 2014, says Dana Cup's Marketing Manager, Alison Leigh Forman.

- It is hard to say how many teams in total but we are certain that their is a huge increase in interest from the German clubs. 

Flemming Nielsen has travelled to several German clubs and football federations. He presents the benefits of taking part in the Dana Cup and at the same time he offers training sessions to the clubs, trainers and players. 

Flemming has been in Wismar, where he trained with their junior players and held meetings with representatives from the football federation, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

A meeting with the Berliner Fussball-Bund, Director Michael Lameli and the Secretary for selected teams Detlev Röderog ended with the Berliner Fussball-Verband working on sending a girls G16/17 team to the Dana Cup.

In Düren Niederau 08, they are working hard on their plans to take part in the Dana Cup 2014 and they have already assembled a huge group. 

SC Wegberg 1912 has made their decision and they will come to the Dana Cup with 24 persons, a boys B17 team.


Photo: Trainer Aribert Schmidt (on the right) Flemming Nielsen and the Chairman for Lichtenberger FFC, Andreas Winge. Schmidt has trained Asker in Oslo for many years but is now back in Berlin. He has been to the Dana Cup with Norwegian teams and now he would like to take part with Lichtenberger FFC 09 e.V. in 2014. Winge is doing everything to get one or more teams to the Dana Cup 2014.

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