Dana Cup update

24. Apr 2014

Dana Cup update


Dana Cup's organization and board is in place

With a strong cooperation among the Dana Cup staff and with expert guidance from an external business consultant, the Dana Cup organization is now in place. The Dana Cup staff are not only in a position to perform their daily jobs but also to handle the challenges that the future will bring when one of the World's largest youth soccer tournaments, gathers thousands of young soccer players, leaders and parents to Hjørring.

Jette Andersen is the director and daily leader of the Dana Cup. She has been a part of the organization since 1986. Jette is also the chairman of Fortuna Hjørring, the women's soccer club who are the organizers of the Dana Cup tournament.

Alison Leigh Forman has been a part of the organization at the Dana Cup since 1995. She is in charge of marketing for the Dana Cup, which means her priority is to assure that the Dana Cup is known all around the World so there will always be soccer players on the fields each summer in the last week of July.

Tine Munk started on the 1st of April with internal sales. Her job will be to sell the tournament, which welcomed 921 teams from 45 nations in 2013. We are expecting Tine to have more teams who need assistance this year.

Kasper Poulsen has been employed with the Dana Cup since 2002. His responsibility is to accommodate the thousands of young soccer players who come to Hjørring and the surrounding areas. Kasper has, among other jobs, contact with our collaborative clubs who take care of the schools and playing fields.

Bob Knudsen Andersen is the daily leader of the Dana Cup SportsCenter but he also puts in a lot of work for the Dana Cup. He is assisting Kasper Poulsen with the accommodation of the thousands of young participants. He also has contact with many of our Dana Cup partners.

Christian Borup is in charge of our events. Christian came to the Dana Cup in 2014 and he is working with a number of companies and organizations who will be present at the Dana Cup to show off their products. Christian is also in charge of the entertainment at our Event Area during the Dana Cup week. ,

Flemming Nielsen is our sales agent with projects in Denmark and Germany, along with other places. Flemming has won the Danish Championship with Fortuna Hjørring earlier. He has played on the Danish National Soccer Team and was also a professional player in Germany where he still has many club contacts.

Bjørn Nielsen will be starting on the 1st of May as an economy employee. Bjørn Nielsen joins us from the accounting company, BDO and will have the responsibility for Dana Cup's economy in close cooperation with our director and the rest of the staff at the Dana Cup office.

There are also changes on the Dana Cup board

The founder of the Dana Cup, John Robert Larsen is stopping after 33 years at the head of the tournament. John Robert Larsen stopped in 2013 as the daily leader of the Dana Cup and now he is stopping as the chairman of the board. John Robert Larsen will of course have a natural relationship to the Dana Cup in the future. In the course of 2014 it will be revealed, how we have valued his initiative to start the Dana Cup.

Dana Cup's board is now made up of:

Chairman, Ole Vang Bruun – who has years of experience as the Dana Cup tournament organizer.

Economy, Karsten Dissing - one of Dana Cup's long time volunteers.

Information, communication and secretary, Torben Vandsted - who has been Dana Cup's press officer for the last 25 years.

The new board that has been assembled have the opinion that it is the daily leader and director, Jette Andersen who is accountable for the Dana Cup publicly. It is the Dana Cup staff who are in front and who have the responsibility to maintain and develop the Dana Cup. The board aims to inspire and coordinate relations between the thousands of volunteers and especially the 24 member group that is made up from the Dana Cup department leaders and who are representatives.

Yours sincerely

Jette Andersen

Director, daily leader

Dana Cup

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