Friends make sure that the Rest Rooms are Clean

25. Jul 2014

 Friends make sure that the Rest Rooms are Clean

 Since 2010 the friends Jeanett Christensen and Elke Zeh have made sure that the rest rooms in the Centre Area at Vendiahallen are clean. The two large rest room vans are placed centrally and, as a consequence, they are very much in demand – and, therefore, they were not always that fun to visit.

'Consequently, four years ago we were approached by the then manager of Dana Cup, John Robert Larsen, who asked, if we wouldn't like to be in charge of the rest rooms. We accepted and now we have a lot of satisfied 'customers', who are grateful that they can visit a clean and inviting rest room,' say the two friends, who sit next to the two rest room vans every day.

'In the beginning we got a lot of positive feedback saying that it was nice to use a clean rest room. Now only new 'customers' notice the cleanness. Regulars are used to the high standard,' smiles the two happy women, who sit in a shady pavilion with plenty of cold beverages.

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