B15 Finals 2014

26. Jul 2014

 Dreadful Mistake cost Dearly

Rio das Ostras (BRA) - HamKam FK (NOR) 1 - 0 (0 - 0)

Everybody felt sorry for the Norwegian player whose unlucky mistake in midfield cost him dearly. You see, the mistake meant that a Brazilian opponent quickly took the ball, ran towards the goal and scored. This was the only goal of the match.

From the very first whistle, the big and physically strong Brazilians put the Norwegians from HamKam under a lot of pressure but, not least due to great play by the Norwegian goalkeeper, the Norwegians managed to prevent Rio das Ostras from scoring. Three or four times he miraculously saved and HamKam were gradually able to get back into the game, even though the Brazilians continued to dominate.

Even if HamKam were disappointed, they should be proud of winning silver because they put in a good effort. Rio das Ostras were simply a little bit better.

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