Collecting for an Ambulance

25. Jul 2022

Collecting for an Ambulance

The aid organisation ’Bevar Ukraine’ is part of the Dana Cup for the first time. Together with Ukrainian refugees, the organisation staffs a tent in the centre area, and the goal is clear.

’We hope to earn so much by participating in the Dana Cup that we will be able to buy an ambulance, which is badly needed in the Ukraine at the moment’, explains Oleksandr Gerasymovych, who is head of Bevar Ukraine’s branch in Aalborg.

In the tent it is possible to buy typical, local products made by Ukrainian refugees in North Jutland. Additionally, Ukrainian cakes and other delicacies easily tempt one.

‘We hope that a lot of people will stop by and support our efforts to get an ambulance,’ Oleksandr Gerasymovych smiles.


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