Goodbye to a brilliant colleague

15. Oct 2023

Goodbye to a brilliant colleague

Our good colleague and employee of the Dana Cup-Fortuna group, Torben Trudslev Pedersen, has died, aged 42 and it is an enormous loss. Torben was not only an excellent video producer, he was a brilliant "co-player" on all fronts.

He was on the sidelines and on the whole pitch. The players embraced him as a teammate and he followed them with tremendous commitment.

Torben Trudslev Pedersen joined Dana Cup-Fortuna at the start of the 2021. But already in 2013, when Fortuna met Swedish Tyresö FF in the UEFA Women's Champions League, Torben worked with Fortuna. As a videographer, he accompanied the team to the match in Sweden.

There is no doubt that Torben's heart burned for football and when this love could be combined with his great competence in relation to video production, it became close to ideal.

It was not only women's football that engaged Torben. On the home ground in Pandrup, people also enjoyed his clear voice immensely when he operated the stadium speaker's microphone at Jetsmark's matches.

His voice in particular was another of Torben's great qualities. It was, among other things, in action when he had his own weekly radio program on Skaga FM.

This summer, Torben had to call in sick. He was in good spirits and we were awaiting his report. However, it went the wrong way with his health and on Wednesday he had to give up the fight.

Rest in peace - Torben Trudslev Pedersen


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