International School at the Dana Cup for the 3rd time

28. Jul 2022

International School at the Dana Cup for the 3rd time

Chadwick International School sounds like a British boarding school. Men it is not. The name Chadwick originates from the founder Margaret Chadwick, who founded the school in 1935. Today, the international school is located at two addresses, one in California in the USA and one in Songo, which is situated 30 km from Seoul in South Korea. Besides, it is the school from South Korea participating in this year’s edition of the Dana Cup.

‘Actually, Chadwick International School participates in the Dana Cup for the 3rd time,’ explains assistant coach David Lee, who in fact participates for the first time; just like his B14 team.

‘Of course, we want to win every game, but we do not expect to win the tournament.  After all, the social aspect and team spirit are more important than winning,’ smiles David Lee, who comes from Australia and teaches at the school in Songo.

’60 per cent of our students come from South Korea, while the rest are international students from, for example, the UN, various embassies and of parents who work at large South Korean companies like e.g. Samsung. The trip to Europe has only been possible with a great deal of support from the football club Seoul FC, and without that support the trip would not have been possible,’ stresses David Lee, who participated in Gothia Cup together with the players and the other managers before travelling to Hjørring.

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